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Common TPA Audit Errors – Walls

 In this third in a series of six webinars for FirstRate 5 users, Michael Plunkett from SmartRate discusses data entry techniques and how to avoid common errors when zoning a project. In this presentation, he covers walls, in particular: external walls, walls to neighbour, internal walls, wall heights, Wall Builder, splitting walls, and retaining walls. If you use FirstRate5, we strongly urge you to participate in this program, to minimise the potential for a poor result at audit. Practitioners who order this webinar will be required to complete an assessment in order to receive 2 CPD ‘technical’ points. The login details for the assessment will be emailed to those who order this webinar.


If you have not recieved an email to reach this assessment, instructions can be found here

Download accompanying PDF

Last Modified: 2017-09-12 22:51:43
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