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BASIX Ratings

The Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) was granted approval on 27 April 2012 by the then NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure (NSWDPI) as an Accrediting Organisation under the BASIX Thermal Comfort Protocol of 28 March 2009. Multiple amendments have occurred to this protocol with the most recent version available below.

This enables BDAV accredited Thermal Performance Assessors who comply with specific requirements to conduct energy ratings in NSW using the BASIX Simulation Method, which is conducted online at the BASIX website at

Before commencing to undertake BASIX ratings, BDAV accredited Thermal Performance Assessors (TPAs) must first apply to the BDAV to have their existing TPA accreditation upgraded to incorporate BASIX. There is no fee charged by BDAV for this purpose.

Prior to submitting such application to BDAV, accredited TPAs must read the information about conducting BASIX Thermal Comfort Assessments at . Once such information has been read and understood by the accredited assessor, the BASIX Code of Conduct declaration must be signed and submitted to BDAV with a request for BASIX accreditation. BDAV will then confirm via email to the accredited TPA that their accreditation has been extended to undertake BASIX ratings. You must not conduct a BASIX rating until you have received such confirmation from BDAV.

Equally, you must agree to not offer a consulting service for BASIX compliance if any uncertainty exists on your part as to the detail or the operation of the BASIX system as is currently required to be applied (or which may subsequently be amended) under the building approval system in NSW.

The BASIX System requires assessors to supply a unique Certificate Number, these codes can be found in the top left corner of certificates generated in NatHERS approved energy rating software. Assessors no longer need to request Certificate Numbers from BDAV.

To download the BASIX Thermal Comfort Protocol effective 1 July 2017: CLICK HERE

To download the BDAV Code of Conduct for BASIX ratings: CLICK HERE

BASIX Energy Targets

For Information on the Increased BASIX Energy Targets come to effect 1 July 2017 read below:

BASIX Target Changes: HERE


BASIX Energy Target Map: HERE